Friday, August 11, 2006

September 17, 1988

there's no need for history here. it seems the future is history.

i am still high from i dont know when. the mind can and will play funny sort of things and skew the perspective so, it's hard to handle at times. i think i'm even higher than a week ago in terms of emotional. sometimes compare it to a faucet -- one that's a little rusty, leaky and about to fall apart.

JC - yes, JC. there are no words for this. Insurance wouldn't matter. A shame. Time will have her way. Almost 0130, but nope. soon. it's not a waste; just difficult. gas doesn't help either there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. it is definitely karma. there are also many angles -- it could go for a little sand paper.

Truth is tha basis for most interactions, if not all. good, bad, is judgmental and should only be considered in context. it should have no problem with this. yeah, oh kaye. there exists within reliaty a stereotype - human if you will.

Difference makes a whole.

we can only be one - at a time. the continuum of space & time is bound bound by the spirit of greavity. there is always a direction. Out, in, up, down, forward, backward, everywhere, no where, like, uh phonenet, plug in and go. connected.

teacher. a sign of truth. brains has what lacks in the heart -- only the heart can be without brains. neither can be reparated without spirit to gain of love is like none other. And love is defined. with in sound and light waves of color are keeping tiome. evolution is a law. (0707.57)

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