Saturday, January 26, 1991

January 26, 1991

an almost embarrassed to start to write anything. the war is nearly in full force. have visions on how it will end.l even nightmares. really. work is sporadic spots at best. DTP; discovered prism. not the same energy level, tired?

mummies of the past nearly haunt me. gotta laugh about it tho. oh well. (0158)

Friday, January 18, 1991

January 18, 1991

up at 1300 +
uptown w/louie > split
aft 1600

45+ COH 1800

Fuck me again

Wednesday, January 16, 1991

January 16, 1991

1st bombing in iraq

staying overnight at albert's
worked at USA Network, 1230 6th Ave.

went out to rawhide.

the diary mentions a lot of willie. i can't put a face to the guy, but i obviously liked him. staying overnight at his house, and inviting him out to dinner. this was more than a simple jump in the hay with this guy. and i still can't put a face to him. oh well. rawhide was the neighborhood bar in chelsea, in manhattan. i went there the first day it opened, and had made it my home bar for a number of years. i probably spent enough in there to fund an army. the bartenders always had a jack and a splash with a twist.

but i remember hearing about the bombing walking up 8th avenue in the early evening, wondering to myself just how far this war was going to go. never would i have dreamt that fifteen years later the whole country would be consumed with iraq. but enough politics. back to my life.