Wednesday, September 02, 1992

September 2, 1992

Sal -
this is too much
she made me
go back home to
get a tie

Tuesday, September 01, 1992

September 1, 1992

getting real tired

Friday, August 21, 1992

August 21, 1992

pd - viva --
100 C
ouch !
start of a trip
day 1
this should speak for itself.
the 100 i spent on coke probably lasted all but 8 hours. if day 2 is anything like the rest of the occasions where the powder rang free, then we are in for a nice ride.

Thursday, August 20, 1992

Wednesday, August 19, 1992

August 19, 1992

no work
pd - TSR
viva --
15/h bankers trust
15/hr - grey
no more
less than
custom - gail d'ambrosio
cohen harris friedell
these are temp agencies. and even this code is difficult. i'll have to get back to ya.

Tuesday, August 18, 1992

August 18, 1992

no work
not a clue.

Monday, August 17, 1992

August 17, 1992

Bankers Trust
borrrowed 20
from celio
attached is a temporary id card
for bankers trust. good for one day.
celio was the hotelhand from the honduras. he and ricky. ricky ricky ricky. wait til we get on THAT page.

Saturday, August 15, 1992

August 15, 1992

30+ COH
am going to make noise
about telephone bill
i had thirty bux
and i have no idea what aou was.
and i always make noise about the telephone bill. i could dig those out and see what was going on.

Friday, August 14, 1992

August 14, 1992

bankers trust

20 dag 45 P (scratched out)
50 C


this was so typical of when the clouds were preventing me from shining.

Thursday, August 13, 1992

August 13, 1992

Dewey Ballentine
dewey is a lawfirm
i put 10 hours in

Wednesday, August 12, 1992

August 12, 1992

Grey - 7.75

Tuesday, August 11, 1992

August 11, 1992

home @ 0600

rested --

enough --

Monday, August 10, 1992

August 10, 1992

F/U w/Ba last nite
fell out @ 0502
no work - didn't call
selling drum machine
Ouch --
Out again
50 C
@ the Bar/tunnel/monkey b/home
w/rick (?) big guy
proper man

this SCREAMS for embellishment, dammit.

Saturday, August 08, 1992

August 8, 1992

Day 43 (of what i have nooooo idea)
Out w/albert, bob & ralphie
S. Dakota
albert's house --
he shares his lil' hot'l
with everyone else ---
so i left - ralphie asked for a joint

p/u kid (willie)
9th & 20th
50 Paradise (coke dealer)
50 kid - phone booth - maurice - 100 -
Fuck this -
although he did -
Ba came over

WOW.... it just gets better and better. this SCREAMS for embellishment.

Friday, August 07, 1992

August 7, 1992

JMCT - (30) (553)

The Bar - Monkey Business

40 P
25 Ernst
40 Monkey Bus
20 Army Boy - HOT ! ! from phonebooth (on corner of armory on lexington) @ 0400

no coke!!!

oh god, does this ever bring back memories, and i think i'm gonna have to embellish it as i move along thru this next 3 day period. there's a lot of writing in the book. so we'll see where this goes.

Thursday, August 06, 1992

Wednesday, August 05, 1992

August 5, 1992


this is an ad agency, up on park avenue & 57th. or was it lexington? anyway, jordan mcgrath something thompson. nice agency. had a good relationship there. did a lot of work for them.

Tuesday, August 04, 1992

August 4, 1992

laundry in am --
mitch pulled me
in -- thank god!

lord, who is this mitch, and just what did he save me from?
yikes. maybe i need another drink.

Monday, August 03, 1992

August 3, 1992

Ouch !

enough said.

Sunday, August 02, 1992

August 2, 1992

nelson came over
connected for him from
carlos -- 821-6908
ba left @ 0200 mon

did i explain who ba was?
he's this guy i met at the anvil when he was doorman there. the anvil is worthy of a whole chapter unto itself. but the fact that nelson (that's his real name) left at 2 in the morning, means i was tired and didnt wanna go out with him.

Saturday, August 01, 1992

August 1, 1992

18 + dag
dry 22.50

Friday, July 31, 1992

July 31, 1992

can't deal w/
bristol myers


quit ---

oh no ---

pd 409

cab 40

hm, i wish i could recall what was going on here. i kinda remember bristol myers being archaic, meaning they had displaywriters or something. we'll see if future posts clear this up at all.

Thursday, July 30, 1992

July 30, 1992

>>> 12 PM
>>> 15BM

50 P --

"She" shook my hand.

god, who the hell was 'she'??

Wednesday, July 29, 1992

July 29, 1992

home @ 0630
rested - ate
rested --
start bristol
meyers 345 park
thu - 16 -
123 MM HG

i dont remember bristol at all right now, and i know i was there several times. easy job. dont know what the bottom line is about. but getting home at 0630, then heading to work, was par for the course during those days. and this is 1992, the end of the era!

Tuesday, July 28, 1992

July 28, 1992

home -- eat

out late --

ran into Alvin
Bell -- oh Uh

well, i guess i'll begin here by explaining who alvin bell is. he's a fashion designer (and hopefully, still alive), who had a huge loft on 25th between 6th & Broadway. partied there several times, and once when i was homeless he let me stay there for a night. he was your typical coked-out crackhead, but he was nice. i think i still have the t-shirt he gave me.

Monday, July 27, 1992

July 27, 1992

should i or shouldn't i
(temp pass to Philip Morris dated 7/7 - 7/31, #P2078 stapled to the page)
I DID ---
wow - it's hard
to believe --
ok, this post is coming from zoundry. will date it 27 july 1992 as a post date, and see how blogger treats me.

Saturday, July 25, 1992

July 25, 1992

have had it!
all afternoon @ bellevue
to get medicine

god, i have no idea what this is about yet, but it's the first post i'm doing. i just opened 1992 to a random page and it fell on 25 july.

after a few posts, i should be able to ellaborate on jus what was going on during that period.

i am however going to have to figure out how best to utilize blogger's dating functions. and get a procedure down for doing this, so i can do it right the first time. actually, this is like the 4th round i'm doin in my effort to nail down just the right app. i'm getting organizer in the mail this week, and i may just have to rely on that. i dunno.

that's why i'm testing.

Saturday, May 23, 1992

May 23, 1992

walked down Broadway
after meeting up with Juan
separated -
nice golden color -
no beer!
home early -