Wednesday, March 31, 2010

catch up time

i'm just lookin through this blog, and see no entries between 1986 and 1990. it's like those 4 years are just gone on to better lands. unless i hear music, i will hesitate to state what time frame it is/was. and then before 1986. 1980 was the navy year. 80-81. new york after that. new york while at sub school was always a nice thing to have. and sub school/;nuke school/personnelman school. that i'm on the books down there as being the only one in history to have a 3 day assignment to the school. yup, went thru that like a breeze behind me, and nothing ahead of me. i don't think i've ever told the story of how the navy came to be.

i was dj'n in denver colorado. was dropped off there by a man (and his boyfriend) who worked at the mental health institute in cherokee, iowa. i was there on drug rehab, and went thru the 30 day program in like 4 months. i only needed a place to go. i was running out of hotel money in des moines. i think i did 4 nites at that hotel. fort des moines i believe. yup, got through the social network they have in des moines for the state. see, i had history with cherokee. lots of it. my first time there was in 1970. i was put on the children's unit, but was moved to the azdoloescent ward after about a week. once in the adolescent ward, i could roam the grounds. and play my beloved piano (it was the only way i could pray for the longest time). ya, cherokee and i are old pals.

anyway, that was all 1979-1980. halloween was the day i entered boot camp. it was a friday that year (80). i had to spend the whole weekend in my army gear. bars and all. i graduated from one bar to two bars. a captain in the army, but only a lieutenant in the navy. i even went thru the silver bar first. it was my uniform throughout the 70's. but ya, cherokee is a helluva place. this HUMONGOUS main building had tunnels. lots of them, and they went to every building on the campus. there was this rolloing prairie as it's backyard, complete with stream, and cows. cherokee will always remain with me, as the place i first discovered god.

oh and the master list of locations where i lived for at least 30 days.