Saturday, June 10, 2006

January 23, 1991

CBG short day
9:30 - 3:30 -1 = 5

saddam is already half buried
seal the tube shut

--- --- --- --- ---
10 Pierre
32 cable
25 C
9 lunch
2 cigs
15 bar
100 COH

rawhide/the break

January 22, 1991

CBG =- 9:30 - 5:30

10 Pierre

yellow ticket:

called alvaro's number and got a 'not in service' answer.

January 21, 1991

computer buyer guide
150 5th 7th 9-5
leon erlinger
9-5 -5 7.5 (how that works, i dunno)
for the whole week.
not bad - learning
47 w 8th st.
$5p half hour

January 20, 1991

and today too (laying around)

January 19, 1991

laid around all day

January 17, 1991

jordan mcgrath 7.5

out to times square
& trix

29 =- cynthia - 50
brought "one of the brothers' louie home. got crazy.
oh oh.

January 16, 1991

there were some days prior to this day as being no work.

Pd 274
60 P
192 COH
7 L (lunch)
3 tokens

1st bombing in iraq
albert's. - usa network
1230 6h ave. 48/49 20th
gordon beck
17 WP TC
did absolutely nothing.
>>> i remember walking up 8th avenue and hearing about it on the radio.

January 12, 1991

slept all day

63 COH

Janaury 11, 1991

ackey - still no work

40 P - Gary
visited willie -
home - how? forgeot

umbrella again gone.

January 10, 1991

140 COH
my knees hurt

Y&R 4:30 - 12
7.5 / 21

January 9, 1991

PD TC 744

63 Pager
60 Pot
180 rent
7 lunch
10 rawhide
6 ??
58 tel
75 C
80 Dinner
50 C
5 Taxi

took willie to dinner. got C on 17th st, and fucked.

came home via rawhide w/daniel ... mistake. oh well.

pager: 278-8425

dont remember a damn thing here.

January 8, 1991

patricoff --
11:30 - 6:30 (7.0)

on yellow post-it:

daniel macCartney
P.O. Box 713
Putney, VT 05346

i jus called that number and it sounded like it was forwarding to some fax machines.

January 7, 1991

no work

TC called twice and cancelled both times


TC? gah i wish i knew who TC was.

January 6, 1991

ken mcGraw
alan patricof
545 madison
11:30-19:30 (10.5)
24 WP

willie did laundry for me
home # 11 --

DAMMIT i want to know who this willie is.

January 5, 1991

finally home --
cleaned willie's house
don't know where
this is heading, but
it's the AM
cooking steak on 17th

35C bernard
o/n @ willie's

wish i could remember who willie was. and how i was able to take him to 17th. this is not making much sense without some explanation.

Januar 4, 1991


missed deadline for pyaing
phone bill

o/n @ 17th

i wonder where the hell 17th is. i spent enough nights over there. the only thing i can think of is tommy's apartment. but that would entail a whole lot more of explaining than i care to divulge today. but 17th had to be a place where i could spend the night whenever i wanted. and no sex was involved. (i don't believe there was any anyway)

December 3, 1991

spent last nite at
wilfred lee - 300 W 17th
juice -

made it to work
hr late

pd 338 TC
30 Pierre
50 R
10 lunch

heavy lungs
took willie out to dinner
o/n on 17th

i sure wish i could remember this more clearly, but i cant.

Jnauary 2, 1991

jordan magraff
445 park / 7th / 57th
ms word

Pd Q 119 - 7 hrs. owe me
me 1 hr - IRS is garnishing
my check @ 10% -= total (on)
but 744. wHAT @!?@? hopefully
it's from control group


this was a classic Q-round of hitting the bars. i think i was with papo, but ya never know.

January 1, 1991

personal notes on the front page:

david l. schmidt
57 lexington #806
nyc 10010 - 447-7235

slept most of the day
feel bad about last nite
w/jose, not ricki.
traded watch for beeper

jose was this kid right underneath me, who was in the whore hotel (that's what we called the amsterdam hotel). ricki was a friend of the janitors. my relationship with ricki should be drawn rather nicely through these pages. he was a cute kid with a big dick. put that into a man who speaks latin like none other, my heart melts.

December 30, 1986

went out late to
bar (monty) and
got kinda soussed,
upset over the
spanish again and
came home with
attitude - milton
gave 2 weeks notice.

well, once i left the apt, my relationship with papo died along with it. i left 2 weeks later.

December 29, 1986

started working at
4 star - 8-3
papo stayd out o/n

i remember this somewhat. i had left S&C and started waiting tables at the local diner. wuznt all that good of a job, but it allowed me to eat and get paid something.

December 25, 1986

dealing with it
the best i know how
it's starting to be
real - reality.
it's not quite over yet
the salvation army

god only knows what this was about. on christmas day no less. i would have thought good things and photos would have been a nice way of putting my christmas day experience into words.

Decmeber 24, 1986

found out about money (?) (or manny or somthing like that)
went off -
S&C - 339

and on christmas eve. i wish i could remember it more vividly. the tree, the presents. the children. all these details are blanked out in my memories.

December 21, 1986

COH 60

what a trip. only $60 to get me through the week.

December 20, 1986

tony's engagement party
xmas shopping w/norma
and Po - never again

hell of a time getting to
tony's party. found out
he had bad experience
last wednesday when we
went out and he gave me attitude

papo & i went to movie and stanley's.


i can kinda remember this. the party out at tony's wasn't as great as i had hoped, but it was something i had to attend since i financed half of it.

December 15, 1986

loaned papo $70 to pay off the cuban
out to movies - the golden child and out of bounds.

out to rawhide and
overnite at tony's.


boy i wish i could remember this. overnight with tony was one of those things that i couldnt talk about it with ANYbody.

December 13, 1986

problems with the
spanish - real
attitude --

papo cried - thought
i was leaving him.


i kinda rememer this.

December 12, 1986

home sick --
loaned papo 80 to
pay norma

yea, for more coke.

December 11, 1986

home sick

December 10, 1986

got $1000 line at MHT
loanded tony $200 for
his engagement party
out with tony and
marcus. took tony
to rawhide and both
to badlands - went
way out again -
home @ 2am.

i never did see the 200 back. i think my crush overhim died when he never paid me back.

December 9, 1986


this wont go long without being interrupted by some drama somewhere in the house of ricans.

December 8, 1986

back to work --

December 6, 1986

2 3/4 / 3 1/4 . 7.5

i'll gander that those represent the number of hours i workd this last week.nah, i dunno. but ya, i think that's right.

December 5, 1986

home -
took care of racli's check
pd milton $140

i dont remember this at all.

December 4, 1986

home -


December 3, 1986

home -

that's all there is. home. period.
musta not been an eventful day. probably hung over.

December 2, 1986

home - sick
papo has 103 degree
can't cash racli's check

yah, papo was sick from all the coke he did.and of course, i had to claim sick to stay home and take care of him.

December 1, 1986

out w/marcus
C 240 "wraith"
home thru weehawken
$6.50 - stanley

November 29, 1986

still up with
moving to norma's


am very F/U - didn't
sleep last nite in
my house

boy was i ever out of my head doing that post. i kinda remember the day it became apparant that i was going to move into norma's. norma was papo's older sister. she was married and had a bambino. milton was her husband's name, but he was a far cry my MY milton, who's last name was ramos. papo's milton was something else, and i cant remember hopefully i'll have it in one of these diary pages. anyway, the decision to move there was one of finance. i could save money by moving there. and i would have lots of puerto ricans around. but my job at S&C was starting to take a toll on me. i wonder if i'll get outta there before year end. i cant remember.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

November 26, 1986

vyzas appt @ 11a

saw star trek IV out

C run 40C
moulin rouge


i don't rembvmer any of this.

November 21, 1986


told S&C about citi hours -
changed bosses - now Chas Herzer.


i cnat remember this.

Novemer 19, 20, 1986


vyzas postponed to wed @ 11A

vyzas was his lawyer. i cant remembver what his crime was, but it was only a misdemeanor.

November 18, 1986

papo called - "in jail"
went crazy - tried to find paperwrok but couldn't at least he called.

Vyzas appt w/papo -0 moved to thru 3pm

guess what?

November 17, 1986


can't handle this
papo isnt anywhere


see? i'm going through hell the hell i made over papo. i even remember writing this with the thoughts of suicide in my head. i never wrote it down, but i remember now looking back, what i had planned on doing if papo didnt show up and soon.

November 15, 1986

still crazy - am
near sick over the whale thing - pd racli $350 -

November 10-14, 1985


on the 14th:

johnny flower street
back to jersey
papo stayed out
got crazy

November 7, 1986

moved back into the bullpen
applied for Flex Credit $1k line

lost bag

i lost my precious black leather bag
no doubt in the rawhide. but it tore me to pieces.

Novem ber 6, 1986

pictures at matar (?)
opened checking account
at Manufacturers Hanover Trust

i remember opening the account, they gave me a credit card which was a mistake. i had no intention of doing what's right and pay off the card. in fact, i went into more debt than i care to admit.