Thursday, March 10, 2011

had i gone into the seminary like i wanted...

i would have probably been kicked out of the church, and excommunicated for my outspoken nature. i'd be a good confessor tho. shit, with the knowledge i have of other crimes and criminals, i'm surprised i'm still alive. most people who know what i know, are dead. or still sucking at the teat. no, i would be a good confessor had i not left the church.

i remember as far back as kindergarten, that i wanted to become a priest. i used to play mass at home, getting all dressed up in towels and sheets. the robes were so magnificant i remember saying to myself. i remember when i took first communion. i was in first grade. old enough to know that i loved cock, and i wanted to become a priest so i could have a chance at being the first American pope. my mother, i remember, always used to ask what she would do with a pope in the family. i thought it was kinda funny. mommy was so silly thinking that i, a boy from iowa, could become the first American pope. i think what mommy didn't know was that i thought of the pope as blessed and sacred as jesus christ was. that he was indeed god's representative on earth.