Friday, August 11, 2006

January 19, 1989

it was a big surprise to run into Jerry. it would take time to evaluate the differences of 3 months.

there seems strikingly similarities, yet a ositive undertone. Yet, there is little abasis for the truth of doubt automatic sensing can do what it should in both darkness and light.

procedure is of upmost importance. a common crossing will make for good judgement. a flow of the three, whom it may be referred to as G O D sets the soul aflame, the brain ecletric, and the body to time.

1. He remembered almost verbatim what i taught him. that's special. there has never been one --

2. application presents a unique opportunity to perpetuate a sense of one force.

3. a comprehensive study of degrees in difference - difference - relatial timing

4. thinking - trying to become aware

5. knowing - being very aware.

6. teaching - be aware

this fell from a oneness in unconditional resource -- an after effect to wish for. (2145.10)

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