Sunday, March 27, 2005

Prelude to the Story

wow, since 3/8, nothing. that's not good, but it's not like i've done nothing.

in fact, i've been quite busy, posting to poopy.

but i need to get this started. i think tonite, i'll make a schedule, and starting tomorrow, i'll have a job lined out. tonite tho i think i'll try and get the chapters down, and drawn. that's gotta be the first step in this process.

second, is getting all the data together. actually, this is going to be the biggest job of this project. collecting all that data, especially when it deals with events during the 1974-1980 timeframe. boy, those years are only ghostly memories, 3 of which i couldn't tell you if i wanted to, where i was, what i was doing, and who with.

i do have enough diaries dating back to 1986 i think. ya. or maybe earlier. i'll have to look again. but i do have telephone records dating back to 86. i think when i landed in the amsterdam hotel is when it all kinda started iwth the phone company. that was the first time i had a phone hooked up in my name. i was so proud of myself. but the amsterdam is full of horrific memories, and will titilate even the most jaded person.

well, enough of the small talk. lets get on with the show.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

the beginning of the booQ.

don't exactly know where this will lead, and i'm not sure how i'm even going to proceed, but this will be the dumping ground for the manuscript of "THE.HITCHHIKER", the story of a traveler, a camillion among people, the world according to Q.

no doubt politics will play a role, as will religion, and sex. music will be provided at no extra charge.

however, the thrust, and i use the word unsparingly, will be directed towards conveying that human life, with all it's holiness, and sinfulness, is only but one part of the larger picture. some call it heaven and God, some don't. i'm in the camp that does neither. there is a God. but it's nothing near what most people think He is. but that'll be covered much more deeply as we get along further on down the road of life, with the.Hitchiker.