Friday, May 19, 2006

September 4, 1986

home w/hustler after bveing arrested in lower level of PABT - disorderly conduct
lost hat and undlershirt - out walking to JC
30 R

met victor & fred & rich & debbie

i remember some about this event. it was a night of very heavy partying where i got into the city and got quite drunk. headed homne and somehow got sidetracked by some boy, and went to intice him to play, and somehow got arrested for disorderly conduct. got busted blowing this kid behind some cars on the parking ramp.

but the 3 i met walking around in the park on the jersey side later that afternoon on one of my marathon walks with the walkman and pot and beer (those are famous and will be spelled out over time through these entries). but these characters were just as bad as the scum i ran around with on 42nd street. they were just jersey scum who didnt have to catch a ride back to the city. i think became better friens with victor if memory serves me right.


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