Sunday, May 28, 2006

October 23, 1986

home sick --
very serious

papo came back
from where,
i dont know


and i dont think i ever found out.
these trips i'm on when i'm without him, or knowing that i am unable to control who he sees, and what he does, got me wrecked like a school-girl-first-time-crush. serious isn't the word for it. it was more like a resounding latched on for dear life relationships. we were never formally introduced as mr & mrs, if you will.... none of our friends thought we were anything more than a trick in the night. the the type where you leave some money on the table, and wink as you head for the door. those are the types that can really get away you if your leash isnt as taught as it should be. and i'm not sayin anything about leashes... they come in fabulous colors now don't ya know. anyway, got way off topic here.... back up.


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