Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sergeant Ahearn & Ven Heemstra

law firm that was once on the 44th floor of the pan am building.
where i started doing word processing. lied to the temp recruiter when she sent me out. musta ben 1981 cuz i was livin with manny then. that was where i was working when hip hop be-bop was first played on the radio, i remember that vividly.

i was going back to work from lunch, walking on 45th, which led to the west side of the pan am building. and i couldn't help but run into the street (i had my walkman on), and scream as loud as i could. that i finally made it.

i finally got back into the office and was rushing to tell everybody, while trying to get manny on the phone. he was kinda hard to get a hold of, but it was early, my 4pm was his 4am. anyway, got him on the phone and couldn't stop screaching.

ya, ahearn, who was the head of the ny office (they had one in switzerland and one elsewhere, i cant remember) killed himself (or was murdered) in the 80's. i had found out by reading about it in the paper.

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