Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Master List of Locations - 1960-1974

following is the master list (?) of many of the locations and memories i have as basis for my book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Life.
here we go:
Mason City, IA
  • Agnes Reynolds
  • Alice Anderson
  • Mary Rheingans
  • Bike Riding
  • Pennsylvania Bridge
  • South Polk Place
  • South Jefferson St.
    • -the Carpenters
    • -Chris McCoy
    • -Paul Ebbers
    • -Ted Bryant
    • -Brian Doty
  • St. Joseph School
    • Father Schmitz
    • Convent
    • Father McGuire
    • Father Keating
    • Sister Mary Damien
    • Sister Mary Rosario
    • John Lapointe
    • Bruce Geller (who's son lives across the street from me now)
    • Mike Burke
    • Mary Vickers
    • John Donnelly (who i see out at hy-vee every so often)
    • John Argos (and the piano recitals in dubuque)
    • Jim Herzog
    • Jon Julien (who may be doing my dental work soon)
    • Sister Maureen Terese (who left the order and became a state representative, Mary O'Halloran.  she also worked to elect ronald reagan during a marshalltown campaign stop luncheon.
  • Grant School
    • basket weaving
    • rug making
    • softball
  • Lincoln School
    • kindergarten
Manly, IA
  • North Central Community School
  • April Fools Day 1969
  • January 20, 1970 > durand boys farm school
  • Mr. Lee
  • Mr. Rosen
  • John Chisolm (who's brother i regularly sucked off in the weirdest places)
  • Ron Kopeke (who i hear is out now and living in texas)
  • Cop (from forest city who let me suck him and his brother off many times in the trailer park behind my parents' house)
  • car borrowing - joy riding w/my pet poodle, Ralph.
  • Sacred Heart
    • Father Carmen (milwaukee motel)
    • organist for mass
    • piano practice in the classrooms
    • collection box thievery
  • Cathy Weitzel
    • 1972 corvette
    • her lover chris
    • pool league
    • wedding to gary
Marshalltown, IA
  • community college
  • tallcorn hotel
  • omid kahkesh - oh dear, he should get a whole chapter to himself
  • go-go dancing - tree collier and the massage parlor - erotic eric
  • hashem abdullah - another brother who traveled with me to manly for thanksgiving in 1974.
  • trailor court
  • bernice johnson
  • kathy thompson (who i last visited in 2001 with my blue car and looked like she was aging beautifully)
    • white bear lake
    • after hours parties
Pittsburgh, PA
  • arline training school
  • club baths
    • plane trips from nyc with manny & nelson
  • nelson galloway (412-422-3249?)
Durand Il
  • school
  • zack (hottie who kept me like a bitch)
  • piano lessons (off grounds)
  • piano in the chapel (was ALWays in there)
  • broke into the cottage parents' apt
Eldora IA
first time - cottage 3
second time - cooper hospital
Wes Etheridge
Maya Blau
Ken Walcott
Cherokee IA
  • first time - childrens' unit
  • transfer to adolescent unit after tantrum
  • second time - CDU (chem depend. unit)
  • third time - CDU (old hospital)
  • last time via new york > des moines
  • left on bus to san francisco 1986 nov.
Storm Lake IA
  • Optimetrist - Dr. Dennis (who found me up in minneapolis homeless and took me in to be boyfriends.  that ended up weird, and i spoze i could spend a lot of time talkin about all the experiences i had there, but not right now)
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
  • first time - from marshalltown while go-go dancing, with some leader of AIM - american indian movement
  • second time - in white bear lake w/friends of kathy thompson - worked at some bar, ended up leaving for ... ?
Des Moines, IA
  • first time - tree collier (tree's talent agency)
  • renee & becky stonehocker
  • second time (?) in hotel, working at blue cross/blue shield in ruan bldg, got tired of workin the temp scene, and went to the bathroom, decided to screw it all, and left, and an hour later, i was on the road hitchhiking west.
  • third time - working the cab circuit; ending up fallin for some con artist from 'hawaii' and we were going to go back there - ended up in las vegas, he stole a car, and we got caught right before christmas in orange county CA.  i was extradicted back, but charges were dropped.  wow.  that'll take some pot to get out the memories on that.  i need a way of marking these so i can come back to remember them.
  • lived in a shelter for a while on one trip coming back to iowa from new york, and was wanting to get into cherokee.  so that's mid-spring 1986.  i think.
  • lived in YMCA - dont remember much about that at all either; except that there were no hotties.
  • before i went to san francisco, was dancing at the gay bar and omid took me down from marshalltown.  that was my coming out if you will.  i knew the bartender at the tallcorn kept talkin about taking me to a place "where men danced together" and it was somewhat jilting, but only for a moment.  i know i made a lot of trips between marshalltown & des moines with the 2 girls from the massage parlor
New York NY
boy oh boy this is gonna REALLY require some decent pot.
  • first time - hitching from ames to des moines with everything i owned in a 10x10x10 box and a dime in my pocket, enough to make the call in des moines to tree and get the name of the place i was to go dance.  where i was coming from, is storm lake i believe.  and i could have ended up actually going to des moines and it would have changed the course of history.  as it is, i took that last ride in iowa on I-35, only going 35 miles, when the guy was going all the way to scarsdale new york.  it took a few minutes, but i decided, and asked kindly, to go along.  and that story is a hair-raiser in and of itself.  but back to the structure of the task at hand.  i got dropped off at 72nd and lexington, and stuffed the box in some bushes behind some 65 story apartment building and headed to the nearest gay bar.  if memory serves me right, i didnt have far to go.  and i'm sure i got picked up and that basically started my first go-around in the city.  i think i was so star-struck that most of those ventures left me numb and without memory.
  • second time - boy, i need some pot before i dive into this one.
  • third time - same thing here.
  • Felix Goacachea (FG management) - deserves a whole chapter to himself.
  • Manny Parrish - boy oh boy, this one deserves a complete separate book.  but for now, lemme jus copy down what's on the sheet.
    • 400 west 14th street - our loft.  pictures will be posted forewith.
    • Bobby Baum - manny's boyfriend who was a freak and a half.  didnt like me too much, but i think that settled on his jealousy more than anything else.
    • studio
    • importe 12 - the first label that signed us.
    • shows - this could be a really hair raising chapter.  for now, just the notes on the sheet:
      • Fun House - new years eve
      • Red Parrot - with madonna & grandmaster flash - billboard reviewed the show, and gave us 3 paragraphs, and madonna 3 lines.  it was the highlight of my career.
      • ice skating rink in brooklyn - god only knows what this was
      • camden nj - a show we did where i had to blow manny in the van before we went on so he would be ok
      • DJ animal - god i wish i could remember him, cuz i know i got memories of him.
      • studeio 54 - star wars party.  the real highlight of my career.
      • studio 54 - fiorucci party - fiorucci was the designer of all the costumes we had
      • sweeny todd's barber shop (183 christopher street)
        • maintenance strike scab
        • st. mark's baths
        • 12 west
        • carolyn kennedy
      • cock ring bar
        • omar
        • julio
      • anvil bar
        • konrad
        • cheech
        • nelson (not that nelson, but they have met)
        • lance wise
        • chico starr
        • pat
        • billy mead
        • early days
        • later days
      • les mouches
        • frank mcgurty
        • carey finkelstein
        • john chambers
        • kitty - tom kinsey
Weehawken/Union City NJ
  • Papo (Luciano Velez) - deserves a whole book.
  • Racli's (2 fulton street) - off the boat italian/landlord
  • hotel on 48th street - again, deserves a whole chapter, or two.
  • bar under papo's house - and i jus came across the number somewhere.  i think i got diaries goin back to this era.  should be good.
  • friendly's
    • mama
    • ricki
    • card games afterward - mama going around the table and if you had money to gamble, she had coke to put under your nose with her special spoon - going "toot toot"
  • coffee shop on 52nd
  • beat up across from coffee shop (p/u from friendly's)
Chicago, IL
  • first time
    • jose
    • gay day parade '75 (i think)
    • broadway limited
  • second time
    • running from taking pot from tree in des moines
    • cab driver
    • accident prone due to cruising
    • got license in record time (1 day)
    • carol's speakeasy
    • hotel on addison
    • man's country
      • new year's eve - placidil punch+
Washington DC
  • 1300, time for some capitol lawn sex w/army boy from olwein
Charleston, SC
  • navy base
  • pot dealing
  • transfer from boat
  • barracks boys
  • orchid artist (madsen)
Atlanta, GA
  • vacation at the baths
Miami FL
  • first time
    • from des moines snowstorm
    • YMCA
    • waiter at the hotel across the street - which was just recently destroyed.
  • second time
    • houseboy job
    • old cutler road (coral gables)
    • cuban hottie
Ft. Lauderdle, FL
  • first time
  • second time
    • baths
Key West FL
  • in by hitching from miami
  • delmonico's
  • george cadenas
  • "you're on my wavelength"
  • monster
  • guest houses
  • hilton piano player
Meridian MS
  • personnelman school
  • letter from commander to parents
orlando FL
  • navy boat
Daytona Beach FL
  • bike week
  • hitched up with bikers - fucked all day and all night on the beach in their van
  • shacked up in some guy's house for 3 weeks
  • left for nyc?
New Orleans LA
  • first time
    • running from chicago boys
    • took overnight train
  • second time
    • gretna
    • mardi gras
    • DJ
    • gonzo
Memphis TN
  • arrived after gig in little rock
  • worked at buddy's til closing
  • ended up on train back to chicago w/quualude
    • got off the train in carbondale, took the bus... oh wait, did i already tell that story up above under another city headline?
Little Rock AR
  • dj at club i called about from new orleans thru an ad
Phoenix AZ
  • hitched from chicago
  • stuck in kansas city (i think these are two different times - will try and pin down the years)
  • flew in from MCI
  • knew precious metal sculptor from chicago one-night-stand
  • tubin the river
  • valley national bank
  • dancin to from here to eternity in club
  • lived with guy who worked the 800 number i had to use back in iowa
  • fbi tracking me after robbery on vnb
    • knew who i was in bed with!
Iowa City IA
  • taxi dispatcher
  • "car wash" - disco w/fog machine
  • gospel piano player (black kid from KC)
Kansas City MO
  • Coates House Fire
  • American Red Cross
  • billie
  • car towed
  • middle eastern restaurant owner - bartender
  • club baths (frank & ron from omaha)
St. Louis MO
  • coming up from memphis; bus from carbondale il
  • club baths
  • gay day parade
  • drove thru on cornmeet w/voxxers en route to KC
Omaha NE
  • go go dancing in straight bar
  • ak-sar-ben racing w/sugar daddy from des moines
Denver CO
  • ride from cherokee w/cooks
  • DJ at bar; turned country
  • piano player at same bar
  • witch in purple
  • kids from new orleans
  • jerry lipolis
  • david's
  • navy enlistment
  • grant street apartment
  • temping
Las Vegas NV
  • rudy
  • sadji (della reese's son); drag on the strip
  • les jardin bar near airport
  • masseur @ jockey club, hilton & tropicana
  • jail extradition from LA (accessory in auto theft w/kid from des moines > hawaii)
  • hitchhiked out w/rudy & ..... ?
  • hard time starting
  • cold further north
  • 1-80 blizzard in nebraska
  • des moines > tree's > dancers
San Francisco CA
  • first time
  • second time
  • third time
  • bus out from cherokee
  • u.s. mission > dave gilooley
  • pac bell directory job
  • laura gilardi
  • king (crystal dealer/roommate)
  • drugs, drugs and more drugs
  • jail
  • hotels
Los Gatos Hills CA
  • mushrooms w/cute kid (chem student)
Los Angeles CA
  • first time
    • hollywood spa
    • kid w/firebird convertible
    • commuting to palm springs (dave's villa caprice)
  • second time
    • gay &* lesbian community center
    • la cienaga apt w/greek opener for debbie reynolds
  • third time
San Diego CAT
  • first time
    • prostitute becoming roommate
    • navy try-out
    • YMCA
    • played piano and made 'em cry
    • beachcomber
    • arab from morocco
    • chased him to san francisco > finally fucked
  • second time
Palm Springs CA
  • daves villa caprice
  • manager affair
  • worker affair (lil' blonde cutie)
  • piano player at bar/restaurant
  • porn star friend into solar energy
  • flew out to KC

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