Saturday, April 16, 2005

god it takes forever, and i'm not exactly sure if i realy wanna spend #30-0on this computer. i cant see the screen, its a dark screenoh

oh SHIT... ijus did the upthing on the contrast, and wow, what a difference. what a huge difference.

worth spending $300 on it?

i dunno. i'm gonna have to get use to this somehow enough so that i'll not be feelin guilty afterward. my leg is kinda hurtin.

although, typing is somewhat easy. its easy to transcribe what i'm thinkin. which is what i need to do. voice is out. i cant have it silent in here. although, the idea of getting dictaphone, actually if i could:

1. get one of those voice recorders 200
2. get dragon preferred. 189.

see, so we're lookn at 400 already. but it could work.

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