Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer of Donna Summer

remember Donna Summer? the queen of disco in the 80's? she was one of my most favorite singers during that time. her macarthur park was especially thrilling for me to dance to. she made my job as DJ easier, i'll tell you that. i never was able to meet the woman. i didnt even get to catch any of her shows, but her records were high on my list of hotplays for the clubs i spun in. anyway, the time she was queen coincided with the time i was really hitchhiking throughout the country. her songs kept me going on those long lonely nights on the highways. i remember dancing out on the highway down in georgia to one of her songs. now i can barely remember her discography. the one song, i feel love, was my all time favorite. i remember being in chicago at the club that used to be a railroad car, and listening to her belt out love songs with a beat. her Walk Away album from 1980 must have been the only disc that included every song on a chart of favorite DJ music. everything she touched turnd to gold (in my book). that's what a diva is. pure and simple.

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