Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dancin down the Dance Hall steps

do you believe in cap placement is essential and crucial for translation of the idea?
if yes, check here. if no, Go somewhere else.
did a bowl, and i had that one bowl left from weeks ago so you KNOW, that bowl is gonna be a doozie. and it was. i'm pleasantly high. havnt ben this way in a while. long while. but back to the idea at hand. cap placEment is crucial to the ideal. take that example the "E" was placed just because i felt like it. now, if the caps were different, say, Cap Placement, one would get the idea that it's a person's name, or, the title of something, maybe an essay on spelling.

Paragrpahs are important too. they tell you the time of thigs. usually everyhting within that paragraph generallly wouldn't.... shit i lost it. :)

i need to work on the hitchhikder in weays that i haven't done ina while. i'm watching walk with an angel. i always did like that show. I've always like della reese is the mmother for the kid i lived with out in las vegas back in the 70's. sadji was a drag queen in a show on the strip. the hotel's name, oh wait tropicana or maybe not. but ya, della reese was always a favorite of mine. and today's episode is about homelessness a subject i only know only toooo well. ive had homelessness down pat. survival was like second nature to me. never owned a car. and have lived, AND WORKED (see, the caps again) in at least 50 cities and towns in the united states. all during a 3 year period.. i gotta break. my eyes are starting to play tricks on me.

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