Monday, April 17, 2006

June 24, 1986

275 mad / 40th

bill mcginty


bill mcginty was a lawyer that worked for the lawfirm, sargeant ahearn & van heemstra, who had offices at 200 park avenue in the pan am building. this goes back to 1981, when i lived with manny at 400 west 14th. since i can't place the time/date when i lived with manny by diary, i'll have to make up for it in memories like this.

manny, man parrish, was a friend who was into doing music. he had a funky lil studio in his loft on 14th street, and we met at a bar down the street, the anvil. i think i met his roommate, and we just happened to make out when i came home with him. ANYway, it was a relationship that lasted even until now. of course we had our ups and downs, and he was going through some tough times when i had it good, but now the tables are reversed, he's sittin on top of the world, while i'm laboring for scraps. anyway, um, the memories. here's a shot:


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