Tuesday, April 18, 2006

July 3, 1986

mrs racli
2 fulton st

movedout of manny's
what an experience
tony helped, bless his soul
all came out ok - tony spent the night
lent me $100


oh i remember this one good. had to get tony to help me move out of manny's. had to break in, and we took a cab, all the way into new jersey with all my stuff. it was a real wild time in my life. tony was the kid that i had a crush on over at ideal printing. he helpd me move to new jersey. and how did i get to know about that apt on fulton? i can't remember. i do know that i lived at the hotel a few blocks away from it. so i wasnt a stranger to the area. very rican. i think later on, i come to know a guy by the name of papo. there should be a lot of memories with that, and my guess is that as we progress into the latter part of 1986, we're gonna find some hair-standing stories to tell. so what are we waiting for?


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