Friday, October 28, 2005

October 28, 2005

and archie is all upset over everybody referring to him getting older. he ends up leaving everybody at home in the middle of dinner, and heads down to kelsey's bar, where he hopes to surround himself with people that won't remind him of his age.

gets down to the bar and one of his old neighbors walks in and archie was amazed at how young the guy looked, and was surprised that the guy didn't know him. i'm archie bunker. oh yeaaaah, archie bunker. hell i thought you were dead, was what the guy said. i swear, reminded me of when gary anderson, my cousin, first saw me in burke's, when i first came back from new york, and exclaimed how he thought i was dead.

the same exact words they were. sent shivers throughout my body. especially now that i'm having these visions of what its like to not be of physical self. not being able to touch my surroundings, and how i 'want' to ..... the very feeling of 'want' is so vivid, it's freeky.

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