Wednesday, October 19, 2005

January 28, 1978

1978 January 28th. Fire in the Coates House Hotel; 28 people died

what i remember of the time surrounding the coates house fire is being in kansas city screwing the owner of the Club Baths. between living at the bathhouse, and at the main house, i also worked at a middle eastern restaurant on the plaza, and was charged with bugging the owners with telephone pranks. met this lawyer who took my case, and he and his lover introduced me to the wonderful effects of an alcoholic enema. anyway, i ended up quitting the bathhouse, and finding a real job somewhere, taking a room at the coates house. at the time i lived there, it was a dying piece of history, with a grand entrance and lobby. the fire was started by a disgruntled employee who got fired. after the fire however, things did change for me.

i took a position with the American Red Cross, and working in disaster services, i saw my share of disasterous events. didn't do that for very long for some reason, and left kansas city for... i really have no idea right now. i'll have to wait and go back to the master outline. at least i can say i knew where i was on january 28, 1978.

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