Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I love Music

by the o'jays.

las vegas. had to be 1975.
yup. and those were the days when just about anything was available, nobody had this 'just say no' attitude, and everybody got along.

but i love music holds a special meaning to me.

everytime i hear it, i would always remember me and the kid from las vegas, the mexican, rudy. that's it. rudy. he was a hottie. i could dig up a few pics of men that look like him. anyway, we HITCHED out of las vegas, me, rudy, and that kid from queens, god wats his name dammit. i'll remember it as i go on.

anyway, ya, we hitched out of las vegas. rudy lost his job and i jus told the hotel i worked at (jokey club) to find another guy. i made a lot of money doing massages in las vegas. i was known all over the city. recommended highly by almost everybody. which helps in a city like las vegas.

anyway, rudy and i were a team. we danced the contest at the gay bar in vegas and won. then we were going to ... oh my i cant remember now.

this is what age does to ya. blanks you out. thank GOD for zoundry. they almost have my cum.

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