Tuesday, May 17, 2005


memphis. 1980.
this was on my way back into the midwest to get into treatment. i was dj'n at a bar, and they sold it to some straight owners who turned it into a straigh establishment. so i was outta job, and my friend who brought me to memphis out of little rock, got me a quualude on the way to packing my stuff. downed another one right before jumping on the train to chicago. 11pm. the first one kicks in when the whistle blew.

here i am on my way to chicago, with everything i own, just coming out of a gig in memphis that didn't turn out the way i had hoped. lots of nice butt, but little in way of intel. sooo, i played along and did that here today, gone tomorrow thing with them.

while on the train, i end up believing that we're headin into chicago, or somewhere, because the next thing i remember (prior to this season) is waking up in the club baths in st. louis, on gay day, where the leaders in the parade are the staff of the club baths.

now being an ex-employee of the club baths, is not only prestigious in it's own right, but a good way of striking up conversation. anyway, i spent (here on are recollectionss of others) the night at the baths, even went out with the management, and dj'd in some club. really tearing up, is about the only thing i vividly remember. fan dancing was yet to be introduced to the midwest. but there was enough sweat comin outta my pores to turn the place into a swimming pool.

after wakikng up, and being told all that had happened from the time i checkd in - evidently, i got off the train in carbondale, and took a bus to st. louis, then taxid to the nearest bath house. routine business back then.

i remember the parade especiallly well now too.

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