Sunday, August 05, 1990


the only reason i'm posting this now is because it's (1) funny, (2) so indicative of my timeframe, and (3) just because i want to. and i can do what i want pretty much anytime any more because frankly, i don't have a lot of wants. i'm a cheap date if ya look at it that way. and i'm way off my 'game'... WHAY off. i've been celibate now going on 2 years (it'll be 2 years in feburary). really. i don't know of anybody else who's, got internet, has a bunch of friends, that can claim such. bob came over last nite, but that's a rare event. nobody's in this house exccept the two girls. i'm posting all this nonsense simply because i can search it better when i DO have memories of an event that took place years ago. i'm missing so much tho. big holes. big big big holes. :)

anyway, here are the limericks:
"When you owe no one
not even a dime
and it's all your own
all of the time

the reason i don't backdate like i have with some of my posts on this piece is because blogger doesn't extend previous years beyond 1991. anything prior to 1991 gets dated in the present timeframe. now on witth more limericks:

when the action is fast
the reaction is slow
faster than a heartbeat

it's time to find something new
and take everything else in stride

open up and tell
me all about it
it's my right to know

it floats!

keepin' up with
the joneses
keepin up
with 'em all.

it's out there
it's comin down
.... it's still up there?!?
>>> i'm only the messenger doesn't really apply, but i'm sayin it anyway.

who is it?

straight from the chip

sex without talk
not even a word

something special

i'm not a star
i just got talent

dealing with it
the best i know how
it's starting to be
real - re al it ty
it's not quite over yet
the salvation army
>>> what the hell was that all about <<<

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