Wednesday, February 26, 1986

February 26, 1986

got michael nomad's number entered.
mike was the roommate of the guy who fuckd with me back in kansas city, and then when i was in manly i went to nyc to meet him.  he's the one with the barber shop calld sweeny todd's at 183 christopher street.  he had a barber chair in the main room, gave pubic haircuts, and was generally a leatherette.  he hung around kids like caroline kennedy and that circle.  i also started working at the baths on st. marks. wow.  those memories are fleeting.  and so full of activity.  the drugs, the drugs .. the DRUGS.  dear God, if it got us a buzz, we were doin it.  but only the good stuff.  anyway, the whole memory came up because i was transcribing diaries and came across michael's number.  kinda remember running into him, but that was all.

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