Tuesday, February 18, 1986

February 18, 1986

on edit (3/31/10):
i've decided to reapply myself to hitchhiker. again. maybe it's the pot.

i was actually reading some of the pages. you know, i don't read my own material. i'll learn too much.

but i was going through things and wanted to know how far back in my life does this take us. this was supposed to be a biography, sorta. i didn't have any ghost rider, er i mean writer. but rider works. anyway, i saw that it went back as far as 86. recorded history. the other stories are jueswt memories, a trip down memory lane. hopefully i'll have half of it in writeable form. soon. i feel time iis once again running out.

so as we try to cover pre-86 years, i can only go back to periods i remember, and it would be memorized as if i were reading aloud. like navy year. no plural this time honey. i went in on halloweeen of 1980 til halloween of 81. and this should take me to pittsburgh i think. i would have to check billboard for sure.

i've mapped out the cities i've lived in. and the qualifiers for that one was only that i worked and slept in a certain municipality for at least 30 days. there are towns where i lasted only 4 days. orlando florida, pre-80 of course, but ya, orlando lasted only 4 days because i got there at the very end of bike week. and ooh, does that bring back memories. sandy beaches with vans dotted throughout. hot sweaty sex was usually on the menu for the day. ahhh, the good life. ;)

federal reserve bank

59 maiden lane 38

norma mirbella

jim zanosky

5520 / 9-5

13 / contemporary

cont 310..50

8 * 12

16.5 * 13

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