Thursday, February 09, 1989

Thursday, February 9, 1989

there seems to be some discussion on the content of that day's entry. actually, i'll expand that to include the rest of the week. it's limited at that point, so it's not so bad. i'll have my guys pull out there microscopes and attack it like CSI. i should know something in the next day or two. but until then, i'll give you a treat. a link to a major hit for the week of february 6th to the 10th. and the year 1989 (it's also one of my all time hits and did exceptionally well at the baths):

then, i would, if i were you, jump on over to dirpy (.com) and grab the mp3 of it. i'm not advertising for dirpy, but they are, by far, the best client out there for grabbin' audio from youtube. anyway, i'll try and continue this thread after i do a bowl. :) that always helps. in fact, if you dig far enough, you'll get a taste of what i'm like on the other side. funny how fast i can type after a toke or two, my wpm jumps three-fold. accuracy is way up too. and i know i can type like the wind when i've got coke in my system. that was like 25-30 years ago tho, too. i'm nowhere NEAR that today.

but anyway, lemme get back on the subject at hand. february 9, 1989. it's in that wired handwriting and grammatically horrific*. but bear with me, it's the last page in that handwriting. i guess i musta caught a good nite's sleep. so, on we go...

made chicken today - $185 2,.5R; 125.5
Angel - 40 .3;
me - 2+1+2+.5/50 brian/me each / half
JNB - 0 - .2;
jerry owes 100; stunt 60 (that's GOTTA be stuntman. emphasis on the MAN;
Jerry - 20 .2; david owes 60; anthony 5; mike 5;
Ron - 40 .6; A; pwes 5'
larry - 50 - .5
totalling $150 (total 16 bags)

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