Sunday, April 19, 2009

from my baby book

well, i guess last doesn't always mean the end...

according to my baby book, i was born at 2:15 AM, on June 27, 1956. name was David Lynn, the doctor's name was Dr. White. Place Iowa City, IA; godparents were Mr. & Mrs Robert E. Moorehead (wife's name was Tootie). i was 7lb 6oz, 21-1/4"

other notes in the baby book:

baby had completed formula-feeding until July 31, 1956.
baby was first fed with a spoon at 1 month 4 days.
baby was fed with a cup at 4 months 18 days.

and then this gem under ABOUT TEETH.
you bit me Jan 1, 1957. just about could see the teeth - on top over to the side. now you want to bite everything including my face. so cute!

judge for yourself.

and then there's more.

baby first sat up steadily on December 26, 1956.

here we go. baby's first christmas:
2 days short of 6 months.
don't know how you knew it was christmas, but you were up at 5:am. granny & i helpd open most of your gifts tho, you tried so hard with one that rattled (you got it open to!) you received lost of nice presents and I sure had fun playhing with them (with ou that is). cried, first time i bought home tree tho it didn't bother you once it was decorated.

gifts: white shoes from Florence Leary (neighbor), rattle (shape of word baby)j frogreat-aunt bernice and uncle earl, 2 pair of sox, and dog squeeker from Gene. John and George (cousins), stuffed lamb from Kim, Chip, Carol Ann (cousins)Minnie Mouse squeeker, from Granny, donald duck sqeeker from gennis, gary, & diane (cousins), something tipper cup from great aunt maggie, wooden blocks, frog. there was another thing there in the baby book, but i jus couldn't read my mom's handwriting. so i'm turning the page.


iowa city to mason city (july 5, 1956), mason city to marshalltown (oct. 21, 1956), marshalltown to mason city (oct. 28, 1956), mason city to waterloo and back (mother's day, 1958.

there there this under it:

your first trip was home from iowa city. son ??? & you slept all the way. took most of 6 hours & i worried at first that you'd cry then because you didn't wake, even to eat, mommy sure was proud of you cause you were so good.


there's more:

your first toy was a terry cloth bambie. mommie made in iowa city. stuffed dog from mary smith. mommie got some plastic bells for your crib & at first you had no time at all for them. cause you were only five weeks old. also got some bright colored, rubber, teethin beads which you'd lay and lookat for long time. kept wandering what you were thinking just a layin the lookin.

A telephone rattle when you were 3 months old. sometimes you'd shake it so hard & then hit yourself in the face & scare yourself. My what a face you'd make.


blue sweater - great aunt maggie
yellow shirt & sox from dennis gary & diane, gene, john & george (cousins). plastic pail & ablocks from great aunt bernice, and uncle earl. dial telephone from granny, 2 little cars, from phyllis graham (woman mommie works with at Barny's) (her handwriting isn't that great). rockin horse, 4' wading pool, beach bal, plastic pail & scoop small ball with 3 balls. set of interlocking plastic blocks, small ball with 3 balls floating inside of it, all from mommie.


big boat - daddy; dump truck - animals - hackboard from mommie & daddy, tracktor from dennis, gary & diane. 3pr socks from gene, john & georgie, 1 shorts & 2 candy bars from pearl (neighbor), $1 and cloth book from great aunt maggie, $1 from great aunt leta (who i never met with rememberance), $.25 from aunt betty & family, paint truck book from grandma reynolds.

there's more writing in the back page, but i can't decipher it at all. and i'm usually am pretty good about it. i'm getting hungry.

so that pretty much wraps up my baby book entries.

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