Saturday, June 10, 2006

November 29, 1986

still up with
moving to norma's


am very F/U - didn't
sleep last nite in
my house

boy was i ever out of my head doing that post. i kinda remember the day it became apparant that i was going to move into norma's. norma was papo's older sister. she was married and had a bambino. milton was her husband's name, but he was a far cry my MY milton, who's last name was ramos. papo's milton was something else, and i cant remember hopefully i'll have it in one of these diary pages. anyway, the decision to move there was one of finance. i could save money by moving there. and i would have lots of puerto ricans around. but my job at S&C was starting to take a toll on me. i wonder if i'll get outta there before year end. i cant remember.

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